Mediating for Money – Mediation Career Guide | Foreword

If you’ve purchased this book, you’re obviously serious about making money as a professional mediator. Truth be told, the community of professional mediators needs more people like you. It needs people who are not only passionate about the practice of mediation, but who are also passionate about developing the economic potential of the mediation industry.

That last word — industry — is rarely associated with mediation. In fact, you might never have encountered the two together as mediation industry. Therein lies a problem — a problem that has marginalized mediation, confining it to the shadow of its more established counterpart, litigation.

To understand the origin of this problem, you need to know that mediation today has been largely defined by ideologues of the 1960s — people motivated primarily by the concerns of the anti-war and social justice movements. In so saying, I don’t mean to imply that such concerns are invalid or unimportant. Nor do I mean to deprecate the many contributions and triumphs of that era. Rather, I mean that mediation-as-movement-for-social-change has stood in opposition to the countervailing force of mediation as an industry and a profession.

Mediators’ collective decision to absent themselves from the conflict resolution marketplace has had two deleterious effects. First, it has allowed litigation to dominate, even in the many situations where mediation would have provided a superior resolution process. Second, it has diminished mediators’ self-esteem and self-confidence, both of which are reflected in the lack of economic power that most mediators command.

Mediating for Money is foremost a practical guide. You’ll find within its 159 pages specific, clear, and actionable advice to support you in every aspect of building a profitable mediation practice. But Mediating for Money is also an exhortation — a call to mediators to awaken from their slumber, conquer their inhibitions, and compete in the conflict resolution marketplace.

Anyone who has ever practiced mediation knows its almost magical power. I am deeply thankful to those who formalized the mediation process and who shared with me their mastery so that I too may practice and deliver value to people in conflict. At the same time, I demand to be paid well for my services. I suggest you do the same. Remember, the creation of economic wealth is not an impediment to social justice. It is a means to achieve it.

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