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Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) for Mediators

Optimizing Your Mediation Site for Google and Other Search Engines

Search-engine optimization (SEO) is more important for mediators than for almost any other professional. Physicians, dentists, CPAs, and realtors win new clients predominantly through personal referrals. But whereas we’ve all, at one time or another, seen a doctor or dentist, consulted a CPA, and maybe bought a home, very few people have ever participated in mediation. They can’t, in consequence, refer family, friends, and coworkers to their favorite mediator. So, when Bill in Biloxi needs a mediator, he’s likely to Google “mediators in Biloxi” in hope of finding one.

When prospects in your home town search online for mediators, will they find you? If the answer is “no”, that’s a huge problem. For sure, it’s costing you thousands of dollars of lost client revenue and more still in wasted advertising expenditure. It may even be starving your practice of the lifeblood it needs, destroying your dream of a successful mediation practice.

Google reports almost 1 million searches for the term “mediation” or “mediator” each month in the United States. So if anyone ever tells you that people don’t look for mediators on the web, they’re delusional or downright dishonest. I’ve seen the power of the web up close. My mediation practice is driven almost entirely by clients who found me via either SEO or search-engine marketing — that’s a powerful one-two punch that I’ll help you emulate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I get it. What can you do for me?

A. Begin with a half-hour telephone consultation. If you don’t have a web site, we’ll talk about your options for developing one, from template-based sites to custom solutions to hybrids like the New Resolution Mediation Launch Platform. If you already have a site, we’ll discuss the reasons it’s not visible to search engines and the steps to make it so. The nominal consultation fee will bring the biggest return-on-investment you can make — and if you disagree, I’ll refund your money.

Q. I’m on a shoestring budget. Will you just tell me what to do, so I can do it myself?

A. Yes. I love to empower people. The greater part of SEO success is application of sound principles. For the cost of 1½ hours of consultation time, I’ll review the source code of your site and spend 1 hour on the telephone with you explaining the why and how of each change. To enhance the value of this consultation, I’ll use screen-sharing technology. (The screen-sharing enhancement is free and entails no software installation on your computer. You’ll be able to see my screen, but I won’t be able to see yours.)

Q. Help! I’m a mediator, not a copywriter, web developer, designer, or SEO expert.

A. Not everyone is a do-it-yourselfer. And truthfully, even if you have the inclination, your energy might be better directed elsewhere. Practical help is available beyond consultation in content creation, site development, and search marketing.

Q. Can I see examples of mediation-related sites that you’ve optimized for search engines?

A. Rather than click the links below, try finding them as a prospective client might. Enter any of the suggested search terms into Google, Yahoo! or Bing, and you’ll see these sites among the top-ranked search results:

Site #1: (New Resolution LLC)
Suggested search terms: mediators san francisco, mediation san francisco, mediation san francisco, divorce mediators san jose, family mediation oakland, etc.

Site #2: (National Mediation Training Registry)
Suggested search terms: jobs for mediators, mediation training, arbitration jobs, etc.

Site #3: (
Suggested search terms: mediation careers, career in mediation, etc.

Q. Do you offer one-stop shop solutions?

A. Building a winning web site is a multi-part project comprising strategic positioning, branding, copywriting, image sourcing and licensing, page composition, coding, search-engine optimization, domain name selection and registration, site hosting, and site maintenance. You can deploy me in as many or as few of these elements according to your needs. (The only area that I would outsource would be logo design — an optional (but important) element of branding.)

Since search-engine optimization is an integrative function, it’s best when all elements are considered at the same time — preferably by a project manager who has SEO expertise. If that person is you, you can certainly marshal your own team of individual contributors to the project. If it isn’t, you’ll realize considerable overhead and economy-of-scale savings by deploying me in multiple functions.

Q. I don’t have the budget for a custom, search-optimized site. What else can you offer?

A. If you don’t have the budget (or the time) for a custom site, the New Resolution Mediation Launch Platform™ is probably a great alternative to launch your mediation practice right now on a solid foundation. An innovative license-based model, the Platform is easier than even a template-driven site yet combines the search-engine optimization of a custom site. And flexible subscription pricing allows you to hop on the Platform for as long as you wish for minimal upfront cost.

Welcome to Mediation

Welcome to Mediation

Actionable intelligence for a career in mediation

from professional mediator

Actionable intelligence for a career in mediation

from professional mediator