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Copywriting and Search Engine Visibility

Before creating or revamping your web site, educate yourself about search-engine optimization (SEO), and make sure your web developer (if you’re working with one) knows you take SEO seriously. If the developer even hints that he/she can single-handedly get you to a high ranking in Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, beware. The truth is, one of the many factors in determining a web site’s ranking is the quality and quantity of its textual content (copy), and it will be your job (not the developer’s) to provide that copy.

Why hire me? Because copywriting for the web requires attention to two distinct audiences: prospective clients (people) and spiders (search-engine software). Very few web developers and SEO consultants possess an intimate knowledge of the mediation industry to effectively address the former. And very few professional writers possess the requisite technical skills of a web developer and SEO consultant to create search-optimized content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s your approach to copywriting in general?

A. Fundamentally, I set out to make words dance. Words that dance evoke emotion, and only emotion compels site visitors to reflect and ultimately act upon the intelligence that words communicate. When words don’t dance, they lie listless on the page for a fleeting moment before dissipating, like wet snow upon pavement.

Q. How does that relate to copywriting for a mediation site?

A. Copywriting is an artistic endeavor, but writing for the web needs to be more than that. I think deeply about the mindset of the visitors to sites that I create. People seeking mediation services are involved in conflict. They may be angry, sad, scared, and vulnerable — emotional triggers that have likely made them information seekers, favoring a content-rich site rather than, say, a minimalistic site or an experiential, multimedia-rich site.

Writing for a mediation site requires a particular style and tone that projects confidence and empathy. Similarly, any images that I select need to emotive but not provocative. These are delicate balances to strike. All that said, I don't presume to know too much about a site visitor. The vulnerability that most of us feel when in conflict makes us acutely sensitive to our individuality. Pretending that I know my audience’s every thought and feeling is a fast track to alienation.

Q. Can I see examples of mediation-related sites that you’ve created?

A. Rather than click the links below, try finding them as a prospective client might. Enter any of the suggested search terms into Google, Yahoo! or Bing, and you’ll see these sites among the top-ranked search results:

Site #1: (New Resolution LLC)
Suggested search terms: mediators san francisco, mediation san francisco, mediation san francisco, divorce mediators san jose, family mediation oakland, etc.

Site #2: (National Mediation Training Registry)
Suggested search terms: jobs for mediators, mediation training, arbitration jobs, etc.

Site #3: (
Suggested search terms: mediation careers, career in mediation, etc.

Q. Do you offer one-stop shop solutions?

A. Building a winning web site is a multi-part project comprising strategic positioning, branding, copywriting, image sourcing and licensing, page composition, coding, search-engine optimization, domain name selection and registration, site hosting, and site maintenance. You can deploy me in as many or as few of these elements according to your needs. (The only area that I would outsource would be logo design — an optional (but important) element of branding.)

Since search-engine optimization is an integrative function, it’s best when all elements are considered at the same time — preferably by a project manager who has SEO expertise. If that person is you, you can certainly marshal your own team of individual contributors to the project. If it isn’t, you’ll realize considerable overhead and economy-of-scale savings by deploying me in multiple functions.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Please contact me so I can better understand your needs. I’ll then work up a no-obligation proposal for your consideration.

Q. I don’t have the budget for a custom site. What else can you offer?

A. If you don’t have the budget (or the time) to build a custom site, the New Resolution Mediation Launch Platform™ is probably a great alternative to launch your mediation practice on a solid foundation. An innovative license-based model, the Platform is easier than even a template-driven site yet combines the search-engine optimization of a custom site. And flexible subscription pricing allows you to hop on the Platform for as long as you wish for minimal upfront cost.

Welcome to Mediation

Welcome to Mediation

Actionable intelligence for a career in mediation

from professional mediator

Actionable intelligence for a career in mediation

from professional mediator